Goat’s Milk 山羊乳

這幾天在看一些goat’s milk的文章,似乎是好處多多~~


以下原文出自 http://catinthefridge.com/2013/06/05/is-goats-milk-healthy-for-your-pets/


JUNE 5, 2013 

Alana here again.I’d like to continue the subject of nutrition that I started earlier this week on the topic of goat’s milk. By now, many cat owners have heard that cats could not and should not drink cow’s milk, but have you heard that your cat or dog can and even should drink goat’s milk?


For those familiar with milk in its raw state, cow’s milk separates into cream and a more watery milk if left to settle and must be shaken to combine them. This is where homogenization comes in; although a few small studies suggest that homogenizing milk may be harmful to one’s health, companies do this so people don’t have to shake the milk before drinking it. (I’d prefer to shake it if there’s any doubt.) Goat’s milk, on the other hand, does not ever separate (Edit: 6/30/15 Goat’s milk can eventually separate, but does not do so as easily as cow’s milk), does not need to be shaken, and does not require homogenization. Due to its smaller molecular size, goat’s milk is more easily digestible (it takes about 20 minutes to digest, compared to 3 hours for cow’s milk). In addition, raw milk (cow OR goat) contains the necessary enzymes to aid in its own digestion, something pasteurized milk is lacking. This is why those of us that are lactose intolerant can drink raw milk but cannot digest processed milk.
對於那些熟悉原乳狀態,牛乳如果不搖一搖讓奶油跟水狀牛乳綜合起來,狀態就是奶油跟水狀牛乳分離。這就是均質化。雖然現在有小部分研究顯示,均質乳可能對人體健康有害。製造商如此做所以大家不用在喝牛乳之前搖一搖。(我寧願搖一搖如果有任何質疑)。山羊乳,就另一方面來說,不會分離 (編輯於2015/6/30,山羊乳還是能分離的,但不向牛乳那麼容易) 不用搖一搖,不需要均質化。因為山羊乳分子較小,更容易被消化 (大概20分鐘就能夠被消化,跟牛乳要花三小時來比較的話)。此外,生乳(牛或山羊)含有必要的酶來幫助牛或山羊本身的消化,這個酶是消毒過的牛乳所缺少的。這就是為什麼有乳糖不耐症的人可以喝生乳但無法消化處理過的牛乳。

p.s Cindy碎碎念….上面那一段話我有翻沒有懂….所以另外查了一下,原來牛奶本來是奶油和奶分開的,homogenized的牛奶是用高壓把脂肪分子打散細化,讓脂肪均勻分散在液體裡, 這就基本上改變了牛奶的性質。所以我們要避開homogenized的牛奶,市面上標有脂肪百分比的牛奶,基本上是homogenized,應該要避免,以下三種牛奶就是non-homogenized:
(A)  non-homogenized whole milk
(B)  raw milk
(C)  pasteurized skim milk (fat free)


Goat’s milk is a, or possibly THE, most nutritionally complete food. In fact, the American Journal of Medicinestates that goat’s milk is “the most complete food known.” It does not stimulate the production of mucus (cow’s milk does) and can counteract inflammation. It also seems to have some antiviral properties that can benefit and enhance the immune system, and has a nutritional and compositional profile very similar to human mother’s milk. It is often well tolerated by infants, adult humans, and cats and dogs.Rescueguide.com advises that orphaned kittens should be fed goat’s milk when their own mother’s milk is unavailable.
山羊乳,是其中一種,或應該說是含有最完整營養的食物。事實上,美國醫藥期刊提到,山羊乳是“知名的最完整食物”。山羊乳不會刺激黏膜產生 (牛乳會),而且可以抗發炎。山羊乳也有抗病毒的屬性,有益於貓狗。 Resueguide.com建議沒有媽媽的孤兒貓,當他們沒有自己媽媽的奶可以喝時,應該要用山羊乳餵養長大。



In my personal experience, goat’s milk has been extremely welcome in the diet of my cats and dog. Though they can be picky eaters, the occasion is rare that they turn down a bowl of goat’s milk. Two of my four cats have sensitive stomachs, one of them extremely sensitive. If he strays from his diet at all, the result is usually regurgitation of his meal, yet he’s able to easily tolerate goat’s milk without a problem. When Crepes was having herpes flare ups as a kitten, the change in her diet from a highly-processed, grain-based diet to an all raw diet that included goat’s milk cleared up her symptoms entirely and she no longer suffers from any respiratory issues.
在我自己的經驗,一直以來,山羊乳加在食物裡,都非常受我家貓狗喜愛。雖然他們很挑剔,但拒喝山羊乳的機會是少之又少。我的四隻貓裡,有兩隻貓是敏感性腸胃,其中一隻更是異常敏感。如果狼吞虎嚥,結果一定是反胃逆流,但他可以很容易的喝下山羊乳,沒有任何問題。當 Crepes小時候泡疹病毒發作時,我在食物方面做的改變是:從高度加工,穀類為主的飲食,改成全生食,包括山羊乳,她的症狀完全消除而且不再為呼吸道問題所苦。



Goat’s milk tends to be seasonal; the goats do not produce milk year-round, so farmer’s often freeze their surplus to be able to accommodate customers during the off-season. You may not be able to find fresh goat’s milk, but the frozen variety works, as well. Ask your local pet store if they carry it in their frozen section.

Your cat or dog may benefit from the inclusion of goat’s milk in their diet, or they  might simply enjoy it because it’s tasty!

If you’ve tried it, what did you think? What did your pet think? Let me know!

以下原文出自  http://www.southeastpet.com/nownewnext/i-cant-stop-talking-about-raw-goats-milk

I Can’t Stop Talking About Raw Goat’s Milk

Talking about raw goat’s milk is really a passion of mine, and chances are I might talk your head off about it if the topic ever comes up in conversation.  I want to give you a brief overview of the benefits of raw goat’s milk and share some of the positive results I have seen happen with my own dogs on goat’s milk. Seriously, the results my retailers, their customers and I have seen goat’s milk do for pets are truly amazing.

 Raw (unpasteurized) Goat’s Milk is, as some say, one of Mother Nature’s perfect foods.

Why goat’s milk instead of cow’s milk?   Goat milk has a smaller fat and protein chain which makes it easier to digest than cow milk which comes mostly from Holstein cows.

But won’t pets have diarrhea if they drink milk?   We’ve all heard that, but today we’re talking about raw milk.  Raw goat’s milk is great for you pets digestion and is very different from the pasteurized milk found in your local grocery store.  Pasteurization kills the vitamins and most of the enzymes in milk. One of those enzymes that is killed is Lactase.  Lactase is the enzyme needed to break down lactose because goat’s milk has it, you don’t need to worry about lactose intolerance.  Raw goat’s milk can be used in place of pumpkin to firm or soften stool’s that are too loose or dry.

Our pet’s bodies only make the enzymes needed to break down what they are currently eating, so if they always eat the same diet, they don’t have all the enzymes needed when switching foods.  Raw goat’s milk has all of the enzymes needed for digestion, so no tummy upsets when switching foods.

Raw goat’s milk will populate the gut 100 times more than powders or pills, and is absorbed within 20 minutes of drinking it.  Basically, it gets the gut in perfect order…and if the gut is in order, the rest of the body has to follow suit.

What makes Raw Goat’s Milk so wonderful? Here’s my ABC’s of Goat’s Milk:

Antihistamine & Anti-Inflamatory.  Raw goat’s milk from grass fed goats is a natural antihistamine helping with allergies.  It stabilizes mast cells that reduce inflammation caused by allergies.  Because of this stabilization of mast cells, it is also a natural anti-inflammatory.

Bacteriacins. Most of the raw goat’s milk that is available for our pets, is fermented/cultured, increasing tremendously the amount of probiotics in the milk. This gives the milk longer shelf life in the refrigerator after thawing by adding bacteriacins (nutrients made to fight bad bacteria). Once the milk is thawed, it is good in the refrigerator for 7 to 14 days, depending on the brand.

CLA. Raw goat’s milk from grass fed goats is high in CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid). This a cancer fighting fat.  CLA has been proven in European studies to reduce the risk of cancer by 74% and existing tumors by 60%.

Caprylic Acid. Raw goat’s milk from grass fed goats is also high in Caprylic Acid, a yeast fighting fat.  This is where we have seen the most incredible results.  Dogs with yeasty feet, ears, tummies, and even tear stains, gone after only a few short weeks drinking the goat’s milk.  I ran into an English Bulldog breeder in one of  my stores and she told me she no longer ‘bleaches’ the tear stains before going into the show ring.  All her Bulldogs get goat’s milk daily. She was thrilled by the results after only 3 ½ weeks.  Note though, the yeast will sometimes get worse first, as it comes out of the body, but it will get better (mostly ears, not so much tear stains).

How should you feed it?  Sometimes I give it to my dogs straight in a bowl, sometimes on their dinner or breakfast, or sometimes mixed with a raw egg.  If you like, you can also thaw the milk, then pour it into ice cube trays and refreeze it to made goat’s milk ice cubes.   Since milk separates when frozen, I shake it up a bit before pouring and make sure it is totally thawed before serving.

My Testimonial. Both of my dogs have been drinking raw goat’s milk for almost 2 years now.  When Tucker, my little guy, he had problems with a yeasty tummy and within 3 weeks on goat’s milk, it went away.  He’s a wire haired dachshund and has those long ‘hound’ ears. Although he has never had yeasty ears, but they can get smelly and dirty.  That’s not the case anymore.  I hardly ever have to clean them.   And that actually goes for both my dogs.  I don’t bathe them as often as I used to either.  And NO doggy smell.

What I didn’t expect, was that after about 4 ½ months of drinking the milk daily, was that he would become so playful.  He instigates play every day with his ‘sister’.   He never did that even as a one year old.  Tucker would be so content to just veg all day or sit on my lap.  He feels so good now, bouncing around and is more active and playful as an almost 7 year old than he was as a 7 month old.

Both my fur ‘kids’ get their goat’s milk daily and I think they’d run away from home or report me for ‘dog abuse’ if I ever stopped.  They love it!!  They know when I’m getting it out of the fridge and they start ‘dancing’ and screaming until it gets in their dishes for them to drink. Raw goat’s milk is the best thing I have ever given my dogs.  ‘Little man’ had some issues, but now they are gone and he feels great!  My little girl has not had any health problems, but she gets the milk daily as well. I know it will help keep them both the healthiest they can be and I want them around for a long, long time.

搜尋了一下,Primal有冷凍山羊乳,這個我在local pet food store應該可以買到。做成奶粉的目前找到兩家:
1. The Honest Kitchen: Pro Bloom Instant Goat’s Milk for Dog & Cats  —not a raw food.
2. Steve’s Real Food: CannaGurt, DogNog, CarnaForage —-freeze fried raw goats milk.








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